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Capturing cherished memories of your trip
Photography is not just my profession, it's my life! I have already visited more than 110 countries of the world, I love to discover something new and unexplored every time! In the photos I want to show you how beautiful the world is and how many beautiful things are around us, to show what you can really be)

Red passion and white nobility

The photo shoot for the wonderful couple was held on the coast of Liberty Island, where the turquoise water smoothly merges with the sky and this is the beauty of the Caribbean Sea! Red is a passionate color, it harmonizes very well with the landscape and the marine theme. The guys fully immersed themselves in each other and gave each other emotions, in such conditions the filming process always takes place in one breath and with pleasure! After this wonderful photo shoot, the guys and I went on to create new photos in Havana, but that's another story!
June, 2020