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When you hear the name of this country something mystical comes to mind. Many people dream of going there but not a lot do it. For those who have done it the country will open its heart and will give you so many emotions and impressions. The first thing that you notice coming to Iceland is that you don't see the crowds of people, you don't hear noise and everything is calm.
Such calmness will follow you during the whole trip around Iceland.

Iceland is a country of amazing nature. This is a great example when the peace of valleys combine with the power of waterfalls.
If you love nature and want to have an astonishing photoshoot with the background of geysers, mountains covered by grass of
wonderful green colour, or to have a picture with unearthly beautiful horses you should visit Iceland.

The law of the country allows you to have a ceremony in many places. After the ceremony with guests or alone you can go to spend time and enjoy a surprising experience in one of the hot springs.

If you visit this country once you will wish to come back again and again at different times of a year to enjoythis country in
different sides. You can be sure, the pictures taken here will absolutely unbelievable.

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