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Belgium is a delicious chocolate, the delicate flavor of coffee easy dissolving in the general atmosphere of stability, order, high level of service. However the order here does not mean that it's boring. To see this is enough, for example, to go to Blankenberge. Here you can plunge into endless entertainment, a variety of holidays. It seems the air sparkles from the frequent fireworks . Undoubtedly the main thing of this resort is an active night rest with numerous clubs, welcoming restaurants. Koksayd is famous for its memorable attractions, bright festivals. Also here is the highest dune of the Flemish coast. However a zest of this place is fun - the shrimp fishery from the horse. A perfect decision would be to visit cooking contests, art of winemaking. When the soul is tired of constant entertainment you can combine the sea and the beach, dunes and polders. When there are low tides the beach width increases so that visually it seems endless. This golden paradise is often called the "European Sahara". The main thing is that Belgium is very hospitable regardless of season and weather.

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