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The bright colors of the grand carnival in the world, contrasting, but undoubtedly picturesque scenery, hospitable smiles of locals. Brazil is always different, contradictory, unique and passionate!
It is its extraordinary that attracts tourists. This is wild even little explored jungle, massive, majestic mountains, huge filled with incredible force of the river, magnificent beaches, desert plateau and powerful waterfalls.

Of course the most important event in the life of Brazil has always been a beloved carnival which is known all over the world. But at the same time you can spend time well on beautiful beaches, enjoy the amazing scenery, or travel to areas inhabited by "lost" Indian tribes. Their life and culture have not changed much. And the sharp contrast with the ultra-modern life in big cities has a peculiar charm. That is why, probably, each year Brazil attracts more than one million tourists from all parts of the world. The rest here is fascinating and interesting and the country is able to win the heart of even the most particular traveler.

© Wedgo - a photographer to the Carnival in Rio!