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A budget destination wedding

Posted: 09 January 2011   Views: 13392
A budget destination wedding
A budget destination wedding

This article is for you if you are one of those who looks for any economy and cheap way for a destination wedding!

Just imagine a list of wedding expenses when you organize a traditional wedding: a restaurant reservation for a banquet, a wedding host, DJ, wedding cars and transport for guests, photographers and videographers, stylists and flowers and etc. The list may be longer but the result is always that the budget is more than you expect.

Things are different with a destination wedding. Of course a destination wedding requires a more complicated preparation (if you are preparing it by yourself), but nowdays there are many companies that offer the organization of destination weddings and take care of everything. In this case it’s much easier for you to decide who you will call for the guests not to be offended. It happens very often that a lot of guests come to a traditional wedding and there are many relatives among them who you have never seen before. But if you go abroad it will be much easier to restrict visitors and invite only the nearest and dearest or organize a wedding just for yourself.

There are two main ways for saving money:

1. To have a wedding in the winter is often cheaper than having a summer wedding and employing wedding proffesionals is often less expensive in the off season.

2. The second and more important point is the choice of an inexpensive country. Official weddings on tropical islands are cheaper than in Europe. It means the cost of expenses concerning a wedding in Cuba, Sri Lanka or Mauritius is lower. There are hotels (on Cuba or Mauritius) which offer a free ceremony. Of course the quality is doubtful! However you should keep in mind that a flight to tropical destinations are generally more expensive.
It’s much cheaper to get to Europe and the most inexpensive variant for a wedding will be the Czech Republic, Hungary, Montenegro and Cyprus. For example, if you are planning a wedding in Prague you will be able to register for 1500 Euros.

We do not recommend that you save on a photographer and videographer. Whenever and wherever you go the most important is your emotions and impressions that are worth keeping with your beautiful photos and video!

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