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How to find a destination photographer and videographer?

Posted: 28 december 2010   Views: 12606
How to find a destination photographer and videographer?
How to find a destination photographer and videographer?

A wedding is completely planned and organized and now the most important question is to who you can trust your memories o destination wedding for the rest of the life.

You can do this in three ways.

1. Order services of local wedding photographer

Pros: cheap, there is no any problem with choosing  and booking, you will get ready photos almost immediately after shoot.

Cons: in the most countries, especially in island states local photographers shoot badly.


2. Bring a photographer with you

Pros: you can choose the date, the best photographer whose works you liked, you can plan a whole photoshoot and videoshoot completely individual, think about style, places, accessories, costumes and have a romantic pre-wedding lovestory. As a rule if you take a destination photographer or videographer you can be sure he will give a special attention and you will get much more than you could expect. :-)

Cons: price (the price usually includes flight, residence for a photographer and assistant and payment as well).


3. Use the service Wedgo and find a destination photographer and videographer right now

Pros: price (you do not pay separately for flights and residence of photographer but only for his work), you can choose a photographer of a completely different level of prices from the inexpensive to the very top, to see the most interesting last minute offers of  photographers. All these are in one easy interface!

Cons: sometimes you have to adjust to the date of photographer’s travel.

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