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How should you choose a dress for a wedding on the beach?

Posted: 03 January 2011   Views: 11282
How should you choose a dress for a wedding on the beach?
How should you choose a dress for a wedding on the beach?
We prepared some advice for if you are planning a wedding or honeymoon on a beach.

1. You need to remember that a dress should be light enough for you to feel well under the tropical sun and in the humid climate. A heavy dress with many layers will become a problem for you in a few minutes. Try to choose a dress made with flowing fabrics or as an idea a short wedding dress and you will be able to easily pose for any photoshoot or videoshoot on the beach.

2. You need to think how you are going to carry a dress on the plane. Of course a dress cannot be carried only on baggage but also in the cabin. Please do not take a dress with huge hoop skirts and complicated design. Anyway such dresses will look foolish in the tropical landscapes.

3. In addition to the previous advice: for beautiful photos and video on the beach it’s recommended a light dress that will flow in the wind - it looks so graceful. You can also use a light wedding veil. It’s not worth taking a dress with a complicated embroidery and massive decorations. Such dresses are better for wedding photos located in the medieval architecture of Europe.

4. it’s not recommended to choose ivory-coloured or cream dresses for a wedding on the beach. It is better to choose a snow-white dress or a bright variant - blue, turquoise, etc. The dress should be of "pure" colour then it will look more effective.

5. The last advice. Do not worry about your wedding dress if you're planning a wedding ceremony on the beach. Sand, water and salt will have an effect on your dress. It's not worth worrying about it! After all beautiful photos and video in the sand or even among the ocean waves are more valuable than a dress that you will use once in your life!

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