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Vietnam photographer
Vietnam photographer

How do you imagine Vietnam? Maybe, first of all you remember photos that you happen to see with smiling faces of local inhabitants. Or you think about rise fields. But Vietnam is not only emerald scattering of rise fields or hospitality of local people. It’s also grand river deltas, endless beaches, forbidding rocks, and also unexplored tropical forests and sand dunes. It’s so pleasant to spend some time at picturesque lagoons or try to take pictures of all colours of aquamarine surf as professional photographer.

The advantage of visiting Vietnam is that there is no so called “bad weather” or bad season for visiting it. Even if it’s too hot or wet in one region you can always go the other part of the country where tender sun warms and waves silently hit the coast and bring pleasant dreams. You’ll also remember visiting of luxurious summer palace of emperor Bao Dai or travel in lost in time jungles. It’s also reasonable to visit Halong Bay, gem of Vietnam. What does its name mean? And why so many travellers tend to get there? Find it out – visit Vietnam.