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Exotic...this word attracts a lot of travellers. What is "exotic"? To find the answer you need to go to marvelous Panama.

The pictures are full of charm in itself. Panama is like an airy lace made with friendly restaurants, amazing architectural monuments and scenic landscapes and all threads of this lace lead to the sea. Whenever you are, you are surrounded by seas. If you have a wish you have a great chance to swim in Carribean sea and the Pathific ocean at one day.

If you plan to have a wedding here we can say that it will be an unforgettable moment in your life. It's possible to make a wedding simmilar to a bright, loud and colourful carnival with some exotic hints and then to enjoy cooking masterpieces from local chefs. Don't waste the chance to try the famous dish - sankocho. And after the wedding day the newly married couple can enjoy themselves on one of the lonely panamanian beaches.