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New Zealand

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New ZealandNew ZealandNew ZealandNew Zealand
New Zealand
New ZealandNew ZealandNew ZealandNew Zealand

New Zeland is one of the three most beautiful countries in the World and that says it all!

Are you looking for new emotions? You don't like calm rest on the beach and prefer activity? So then you need to visit New Zeland. It's famous with its crazy and risky adventures. For example, a jump from the highest bridge. Flying down you will feel a kind of freedom, a second later the waters surface is closer to you, another second and.......If you don't risk taking this jump you will have an awsome chance to take pictures of it.

You need to visit Auckland city where you will be offered to have a ride on the huge swing. It works in an unusual way because at the start it shoots you very high and then puts you down.

Of course, New Zeland attracts you with beautiful lagoons, endless beaches and the clearest water. However, one of the most spectacular shows is the glacier Milford Saund and also the geysers.

We can say that New Zeland knows how to surprise you!

Фотограф в Новой Зеландии. Все предложения на Wedgo!