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Montenegro is a country of calm and cosy holidays for a couple or a family. A lot of tourists come here just to bask in the sun, have a quiet holiday with children or to arrange private romantic trip

You can find not expensive hotels or the luxury villas with private cooks, yachts and swimming pools; in the evening it’s quiet and calm and it seems Montenegrins don’t hurry anywhere. 

People in Montenegro are benevolent and hospitable. They’re always happy to help you, always give you an advice and invite round for a cup of coffee. By the way, they drink a lot of coffee. In the morning local people gather at the small squares and streets to have a cup of coffee or something stronger, to read a newspaper lazily and to discuss late news with neighbours.

Climate and nature

Montenegro disappoints those who prefer to lie at the sand beaches under the palms. There are palms here but there are not a lot of sand beaches because almost whole seaside is shingly. On the other hand the Adriatic see is amazingly clear here! There are lonely beaches and bays with no tourists and no beach beds, untouched nature…

Moreover, the climate in Montenegro is mild. The best time season for travelling is spring or autumn (from February till May or from September till October). In winter the skiers come. The mountains in Montenegro are covered with the snow, and at the same time the temperature at the seaside (a few hours to go by car) is above-zero.

Cities and sights

Planning a trip to Montenegro, don’t book one hotel for the whole holiday period. Stay for two or three days and go to the next city to see something new! At one place you can have a calm holiday, try local cuisine, and admire the nature, sunsets and waves of the clearest sea. At the other one you can walk along the ancient narrow streets, drink some robust coffee with local people and climb a tower or a fort. At the next place you can sail a yacht and dive… Visit Cetinje, the ancient capital of Montenegro, and see its temples and cloisters… You can visit mountains to the north of the country: arrange a little tracking, raft a small river and breathe mountain air…

The important thing is that a lot of sights in Montenegro are available for tourists and not fenced in like in Italy. In some places you pay for entrance (it’s usually cheap) but it doesn’t feel like “an object for tourists only”.

The infrastructure and service in Montenegro are less developed in comparison with other European countries, but it’s good in its own way! The time goes slowly here and lazy Montenegrins don’t work too hard. Although it’s the reason why there’re few tourists here and one can easily rest from fuss and noise. In Montenegro everything is slow and calm; and in a few days you take to this rhythm and understand that when you just enjoy your life, you don’t hurry anywhere…