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Almost every photo of this country has imbibed a special aura of warmth and light and benevolence.

Malta is like a summer day sunk in caress of pervasive sun rays. The soul fills with joy and optimism. You want to live, create, dream, believe, hope and love. Malta is a heart of the Mediterranean; and it’s hot, sensual and passionate. It’s the greatest place for holidays and honeymoon. Beautiful nature cloaked with the amber of sun rays; friendly sea that tenderly caresses the beach with its waves; hospitable local inhabitants – all of this makes your holidays wonderful. It seems that time hasn’t touched this country for many centuries. The noble gracefulness of Renaissance and intricate luxurious baroque still reign here. Malta has imbibed the best of every epoch. Thus, the romantic photo session in this delicate wonderful atmosphere is a beautiful specimen of distinguished style and refined taste. Visit sunny Malta and optimism, high spirit and creative inspiration will be your second self for a long time.