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Liechtenstein, a tiny diamond on European map, is smaller than cities of some countries. Although it doesn’t matter much. Liechtenstein is charming, spontaneous and various… It seems for a moment that you managed to find a secret door and enter magic world. It’s incredibly beautiful here and your heart melts with this magnificence. There is valley of Rheine, a fertile oasis, to the west of the country. To the south-east you find a cool freshness of mountain peaks and the north makes you fall in love with its picturesque sceneries. You see this kind of Liechtenstein on photos and pictures by many artists.

Although Lichtenstein is not always an image of handsome youth. It’s also a brave noble knight who can fearlessly fight for his freedom. To make sure it’s true you just have to visit ancient castles and look at defense work. Often the stone and metal lattice background is amplified with beautiful front garden and rose bushes.

When you are walking along picturesque streets and admiring the mosaic of different colors, sounds and flavors, the only desire you have is to stop and say: “Moment, please, stay a while..... You are so beautiful!”