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Latvia, the sea princess of Baltic coast, can charm every traveler. One has to visit this graceful gem of European continent to understand what a lyrically thoughtful, sometimes fretful, but always wonderful country hides inside. And then noble calmness of Riga bay, endless expanse of Baltic sea, crystal transparency of lakes make you forget all concerns and find peace, harmony and tenderness. After the trip looking at the photos you can feel Latvia is wrapping you again and again in the aura of placidity like in an invisible shawl.

Although if you want to be distracted from contemplation of natural beauty, Latvia can make your head turn with round dance of celebrations and festivals. You have an opportunity to get to know a new Latvia – a fretful unquenchable beauty, who can entertain you all night long, offering more and more dainty and interesting fancies. This is originality of Latvia. Behind the outward cold impregnability of castles and strict churches there is a throb-hearted country with numerous night clubs, hospitable restaurants, competitions of humor and laugh.