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The waterfall is falling down like a scattering of diamond drops. The grand rocks and hills are covered with the trees and bushes. A peaceful backwater rounds a small house. You have an impression that these small islands of life with low buildings tend to hide behind the mountains – the grand guards of the time.

Looking at the pictures of Laos you notice that everything tends high into the air. Theку are roofs of Buddhist temples, trees, and rocks. In Laos you desire to get off yourself and fly into the sky at least for a second to find inner harmony, to distract from fuss, and to find peace. Even in Vientiane life is calm and seems to be a little slow. But it’s only at first. If you look around you’ll see that everything is full of colours and sounds. You just need to learn to “hear” and “see” with your soul. And then as a professional photographer or gifted artist you understand that the world is beautiful and every moment brings you something unexpected, inspires and elevates!