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Japan is certainly a country that can easily enchant with its really unearthly charm! Everything is so uncommon and fascinating: culture, traditions, art, and, of course, accommodation and food.

Everyone will be touched by blue glassy of Japanese sea, clean alive emerald mountains, and amazing ultramodern skyscrapers. And the most important no matter what season you choose to visit Japan, the country always finds something to make you fall in love with it and come back all over again.

If you visit Japan in spring, you can plunge into the magic world of refined fragrance and beauty of Japanese cherries. In summer you should visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls – Medaki, the powerful stream of which falls from the rock. In autumn golden-red peaks are peerlessly beautiful; and winter attracts due to its sand-drifts. A visit to the sand beach of Uradomehe will be unforgettable; you’ll see fanciful rocks sculptured by nature and decorated by luxurious pine fringe. Those who can’t imagine a trip without taking part in national celebrations will remember a festival of eastern umbrellas Shan Shan. Thus, after a trip to Japan you are in a high spirits for the whole year.


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