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Jamaica is a third biggest island among Greater Antilles. The length of the island from West to East is 225 km, from North to South… Oh, who cares about these figures! Such pacification and at the same time cheerfulness, such smiles and bright colours you won’t find anywhere! It’s a light-hearted country where people live in the rhythm of reggae and the amber rum makes the taste of life special… Jamaica…  

The temperature here is +26° C year-round. Land forces have only one infantry regiment (because Jamaicans prefer dances to war); and pirates of Caribbean Sea smoke bamboo for a long time and changed piracy to Rastafari.

So if you are walking lazily along the snow-white beach with a blissful smile on your face (doesn’t matter why, let’s skip reasons) and Bob Marley is singing in your walkman – life is wonderful! Sun is shining, the weather is sweet…  


© Wedgo — photographers and videographers in Jamaica!