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Bali photoBali photographerMonkeys BaliAmazing Bali
Bali photo
Bali photoBali photographerMonkeys BaliAmazing Bali

Indonesia is the biggest island state on our planet. Different cultures and religions meet here (they can differ on different islands of Indonesia). There is rich tropic nature and ample opportunities for interesting journeys here!

The most popular places for tourists are Bali (the island for romance, honeymoons and beach holidays), Java (the island of volcano and temples, where you can take very beautiful pictures), and other small islands, where tourists look for solitude and quiet (for example, Gili islands). 

Bali (Indonesia)

Bali is for sure the island every scenery of which is worth picturing. You won’t find such number of colours, combinations of different natural amenities and won’t have such diverse holidays on any other island. In the morning you run to the ocean with a surfboard to ride the wave; in the afternoon you go to the jungle to see the ancient temples lost in green thicket; and in the evening you can have a romantic dinner at the beach and admire the sunset.

Bali is famous as a good resort for romantic trips. Newlyweds have honeymoons here; sweethearts arrange nominal wedding ceremonies at the Bali beaches.

The weather on Bali. Places to visit on Bali

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that Bali is a good choice for holidays any season.

But there is so called “raining season” which lasts from November till February. The rainfall is the heaviest at this period. However, rain on Bali as well as any tropic shower is warm and doesn’t last long. High season on Bali is summer (it rains very rare) and New-Year holidays when the price for accommodation and tours to Bali increase significantly.