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Budapest photographer Hangary
Budapest photographer Hangary

What do you know about Hungary, except for Hungarians who live there? Indeed, the role of this wonderful country in tourism is underestimated.

If you imagine boundless meadows of red poppies and ancient fortresses, medicinal hot springs and green groves at the lakesides – you will have an idea of Hungarian scenery. Add great amount of music (from Magyar violins to Beethoven’s symphonies), numberless music and theater festivals, rich museums and exhibitions – and you will get the conception of the country.

Of course, don’t forget to dine on genuine Hungarian goulash, Tokay wine and poppy seed roll for desert! And you will fall in love with Hungary!

Some people would consider Hungary to be too simple, but unlike more popular countries Hungary hasn’t overrated self-esteem and doesn’t hide its historical sights behind tourist advertising. You can walk along ancient paved streets and parks, climb up a castle and admire fortresses standing close to them. You won’t see any fences that will hinder you (and photographers) to gain impressions. Every stone keeps its secret; the trams in Budapest bring tourists from one side of Danube to another, so that everyone can touch the great history.