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Hong Kong

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Photographer Hong Kong
Photographer Hong Kong

“A place where east and west meet”, “Fragrant harbor”, and “Dream city” – you can hear all of these expressions when someone talks of Hong Kong. You will admire the panorama of the night shining city forever. You’ll be impressed by photos of daylight Hong Kong. And you will always be delighted. Just close your eyes and you are there – among extremely high skyscrapers, at the top of Victoria or in the park where light blue hydrangeas grow. Realizing your wish and visiting Hong Kong is worth the effort. You won’t stand aside of the contrast, attractive and impulsive life which is always so unpredictable and luxurious in this “fragrant harbor”. Sometimes it seems impossible that long time ago Hong Kong was a small fishermen’s, salters’ and pirates’ settlement. But all of that remained in the past.

Modern Hong Kong is elegancy of downtown, splendor of beautiful parks, famous couturiers’ fantasies, bright luxury of carnivals, and noble silence of palaces. Hospitable Hong Kong offers you a lot of entertainment. So pack a suitcase and go!