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Egypt photographer
Egypt photographer

Incredibly wonderful Egypt has always attracted travelers. Ancient Romans used to visit the gem of the Sahara with pleasure. It should be mentioned that at that time holidays in Egypt were only for the high and mighties. Today you don’t have to be a nobleman to visit the land of Pharaohs, the country of eternal secrets, mysteries, which cannot be unraveled even by a modern man.


The Nile is considered to be the heart of Egypt. People have worshiped it, deified and idealized; and that is because the life depended on this powerful river. It is well known that the Nile flows through all of Egypt. The Nile is a bright life line on the palm of Sphinx’s land. If you’d like to feel the atmosphere of mystery Egypt, you can take a trip by the Nile like mighty Romans used to. At the remote oases of the eternal Sahara you can see the nomads’ way of life; their caravans ride through the desert as well as many centuries ago. Such towns like Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh will show you the magic underwater world of fish and corals. Divers from all over the world come here with the great reason, the underwater life is great and various here. Don’t forget to take a photographer with you to take pictures under water!