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How do you think a man-made lake, a small bubbling fountain may be a resort?Do you have doubts? But even the emperors in China who could afford all the best and most beautiful often preferred for contemplation, for example a tree. China is a country with a special, often unusual, for us mentality, philosophy and traditions.

Of course the Great Wall, a famous Beijing Opera, the Forbidden City Palace or a journey to the world-famous Tibet attract a lot of people. It seems that photos of snow-covered peaks have special power but what about goint there? Undoubtedly the experiences from the edge of the "magic" mountains, majestic monasteries will be for a lifetime. If you plan to spend honeymoon in China it is better to choose the island of Hainan. It is also known as "Oriental Hawaii". This romantic holiday and  photosession will give a lot of nice emotions!

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