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Cambodia is a country that is able to fall in love with its sincerity and openness. And Cambodia is a powerful energy, a very special atmosphere. Even just looking at photos of Cambodia you have a feeling of excitement caused by contact with the legacy of previous civilizations.

It should be noted that Cambodia does not have the glamor, glitter, sophistication, which other countries use to impress travelers. However perhaps this fact attracts in Cambodia. Here you can escape from all the worries of your usual ultra-modern world. Forget for a moment the furious pace of life and sit in cozy local cafes, restaurants. In Cambodia fruits and vegetables belong to one category so they are prepared as soups and side dishes, all kinds of desserts and snacks. Visiting one of many markets of course you can buy a lot of beautiful gifts. Cambodia is known for its woodwork, porcelain, ivory and even gold and silver. Masks is the most popular gift that is often decorated with precious metals transforming an ordinary product into a work of art.

© Wedgo — a photographer in Combodia!