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Burkina Faso

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Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso
Do you know that a "country of honest men" there is in the world? And it's not aphorism. That's the name of a small country in Africa - Burkina Faso. Of course we can not insist that all people are a sample of truthfulness and sincerity but they are very hospitable. You can easily get to the sociable host to "a cup of coffee." It should be noted that coffee is very tasty here. It has a spicy, delicate aroma, barely perceptible and always so inviting.

Travelling to Burkina Faso may be more attractive by the fact that it is possible to go there where the caravans of antiquities passed. Crossroads of trade routes was the capital of the country Ouagadougou. This city is impressive and picturesque because of tree-lined boulevards and majestic buildings created in the style of different ages, tastes and cultures. In general clean air, mild climate are suitable for a wonderful holiday. There are a lot of restaurants in the capital where you can enjoy a colorful variety of local cuisine or spend your leisure time in one of the welcoming bars or have fun in a nightclub.

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