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Have you ever seen dancing on hot coals? Imagine when dusk becomes king of the time people are dancing barefoot on hot coals, even to the sound of bagpipes and drums. Believe me this show you will be remember for a long time. Do you want to visit the heart of Europe, a country that is known not only for endless beaches seaside, spectacular scenery, waterfalls and mineral springs, but for the fact that now many healers and soothsayers live here?

Nature, excellent climatic conditions here help people to become healthy. Bulgaria's land is rich for various legends and myths. Sometimes it's so hard to figure out where the truth and just a fiction, a beautiful fairy tale is. The names of many towns and villages also have their own history. For example, Kaliakra, the picturesque town in Bulgaria. Do you wonder why it is called so? You need to come to Bulgaria to answer this question. Only have visited this country, imbued with the spirit of it you can raise the curtain of a mysterious and unknown. Especially it is pleasantly to think over the traditions of the beautiful and mysterious Bulgaria in one of the local restaurants, eating delicious dish of national cuisine.

© Wedgo — all russian photographers in Bulgaria!