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The name for one of the most beautiful and picturesque islands in the Caribbean was given by the Portuguese sailors. When in 1536 they landed on the island they were very impressed by the huge banana with roots. Visually it seemed that they formed a real beard encircling the trunk. That's why this paradise was called  "Los Barbados" in the translation sounds like "beard." However Barbados became famous not only because of bananas but also the production of molasses, the incomparable taste of rum.

Modern Barbados is a gentle sun giving its warm to residents and visitors. The warm sea, stunning coral reefs, emerald fields and the famous wineries, bright carnivals and lots of places where pirates lived and hid their treasure. Another property of Barbados are caves. They are beautiful with crystal clear underground lakes and even waterfalls. Solitary paradise coves and endless beaches of soft pink sand give the popularity to Barbados as a wonderful place for a memorable for a lifetime honeymoon. Generally a trip to Barbados will not leave anyone indifferent and the rest will be comfortable and enjoyable.

© Wedgo — a photographer in Barbados!