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Choosing a wedding dress for a destination wedding

Posted: 13 January 2011   Views: 12337
Choosing a wedding dress for a destination wedding
Choosing a wedding dress for a destination wedding

A wedding dress is a dream of every girl! Since young ages we wish to put it on and be a unique and inimitable bride....

Choosing a dress for a destination wedding has some peculiarities. Agree that it’s very important the flight and the wedding day are full of joy and love! And nothing can prevent from the implementation of child's dream!

You should take into account several factors related to your extraordinary event.

At first your dress should be easy to transport. So it should be light and compact! That’s why it is better to refuse the bulky dresses with lots of heavy skits in favor of lite variant. The length and shape of the dress is your personal choice! It is worth to get information about the presence of professional help of ironing dresses at your hotel. If for some reason it is not possible it will be better to choose a lacy or goffer dress.

Europe is a splendour and beauty, romance and grandeur. Europe has many faces and it is so various as a state of mind and a varied beauty of the wedding couples.  Look carefully at the location where you plan your wedding, imagine yourself in this atmosphere, try to walk through the most beautiful places mentally! If it works you don’t need any advice about choosing a dress, you will understand everything by yourself!

Islands, tender and stirring sea, playful wind, plenty of greenery, warmth and sun and unforgettable feelings! Feeling this you will surely wish to choose a light, airy dress streaming in the wind, flowing through your body and gently embracing you as a wave caresses the sand!

It looks beautiful in such moment when a dress has a long flying trail made of airy chiffon, a decorative element in the form of a scarf, hanging down long strap, small airy elements breathing in the wind. A dress with an asymmetrical style as well as various additional curly cuts baring the most attractive parts of your body such as back or stomach looks more impressive in exotic places.

The color palette of the wedding dress is not limited by light and pastel tints. Islands are the place where you can give free rein to your imagination and dress, for example, an incredible bright dress with lots of decoration. And vice versa you can choose something natural merging with the rustle of the waves and gentle embrace of the wind!

And there are some more practical pieces of advice.

If you're going to swim in the sea in ​​suits it is better to choose synthetic materials because they are light and change less their forms because of salt and water. On the other hand it is usually very hot on the beach resorts and it is necessary to give preference to natural delicate cloths for the comfort of your body. In this case you should keep in mind that swimming in wedding cloths can put an end to the beauty of your dress!

A groom should choose a light variant of trousers and shirts made from natural (to breathe easier) and synthetic fibers (to keep a nice look longer). The image of a groom should be free and natural without any creases on the trousers and stiff collars. You can choose a creative shirt, roll up your sleeves, unbutton a little bit and tie a silk scarf around the neck. Create your own sense of heaven and let your clothes help you do this!

Every loving couple wants to look unusually at their wonderful day! That’s why a new trend in wedding style has been developing during last few years such as theme weddings with national motifs of different countries. We had an experience of creating costumes in the Hungarian style for a wonderful couple the wedding of whom was celebrated in Budapest. The day was bright and unforgettable.

The guys just merged with new images and became a part of Hungary amazing admiring passers-by! National notes liven up a special uniqueness and colour. The event becomes even more wonderful and interesting. If your wedding is somewhere in Spain why not thinks of the wonderful image of Carmen rich of sensual beauty.



In any case the choice of wedding image is yours, the main thing is do not forget to get the information about the weather forecast for your wedding day!




Taisiya Zakharova, wedding fashion designer

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